• Bruichladdich First Growth Cuvée F: Pomerol (Chateau Lafleur) 16 Year Old

    Size: 0.7 L

    Bruichladdich finished in Chateau Lafleur barrels. This great sixteen year old marks the sixth part of the series: Cuvée F.
  • Ardmore 1993 (Gordon and MacPhail)

    Size: 0.7 L

    A 1993 vintage from Ardmore, bottled by Gordon and MacPhail. The distillery, despite being in Speyside, makes whisky with a markedly smoky character.
  • Opal Bianca Sambuca

    Size: 0.7 L

    Opal Bianca is a modern interpretation of traditional Italian sambucas.
  • Appleton Estate Reserve

    Size: 0.75 L

    Appleton Estate Reserve is a smooth, complex blend with delicate nutmeg, ginger highlights and vanilla – all wrapped with orange peel notes – the hallmark of our rums.
  • Magners Irish Original Cider (355ml)


    Irish Original Cider (355ml)

    Size: 0.355 L

    Magners Irish Cider can rightfully claim to be the leader of the pack in world of cider. The unique, refreshing taste of Ireland's favourite Cider over ice is the perfect refreshment over those long, hot summer days.